• How should I use iLead?

    Let’s say you are an athletic shoe company; so you want to attract maybe customers of Nike (@nike). Rather than you go on Instagram and interact with Nike's followers for hours on end, iLead automates it!

    Here's an example. If you are a local restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, you will to start by targeting the followers of other local restaurants in Atlanta. From there, you will gather good followers. Then you start to engage with them by liking their content and following their accounts.
    Unlike other growing services, you manage how to target your audience. Whether your priority is growing your followers list as high as possible or is targeting a niche audience that is more likely to generate sales, with iLead you can make sure that your future followers are authentic and your growth is organic.
    With the premium plan we will go out and interact with 500 accounts (you set the targets, so in your case you apply it to your specific industry). We do this everyday. So when these people get notifications that you liked their picture or followed their profile, they will click and come back to see your work. From there on it's up to your content to make them followers!

    Why does iLead not focus on growing my account as big as possible for me?

    We focus on giving you the best tool to grow your account as organically as possible because we know that nobody will never know your business as good as you. Plus, by growing your account and interacting with Instagram users yourself, you'll have a better comprehension of the value you bring to them.
    Chasing just the highest “followers” count means interacting with fake accounts too. We know firsthand that the presence of fake bots on your account will cheapen your brand and deter other real accounts from interacting with you.

    What makes iLead different/stand out?

    We do lots of things differently around here.
    We believe that you should be the only master of your growth.
    We also believe that your growth stategy should not be outsourced.
    Instead of just doing the work for you, we think that your personal account manager should be dedicated in fine tuning your strategies to best suit your needs as your brand continue to grow.
    We believe that by growing your account and interacting with Instagram users yourself, you'll have a better comprehension of the value you bring to them. And that it will have a massive impact on your revenue.
    Our commitment to your happiness gives us the highest customer satisfaction rating in the business.
    We hold ourselves to the highest standard in the quality of our tool backed by a 4 week guarantee.

    How to filter fake accounts on Instagram?

    1. No accounts with less than 6 posts.
    2. No accounts with less than 150 followers.
    3. No accounts that follow 4x the amount of followers they have.
    These are the 3 main rules you should focus on when you want to be sure that users you get are not robots.
  • Any question?

    Please ask :)