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    Find most engaged people


    Create the list of all accounts that interracts with the posts of a profile and calculate the total amounts of their "likes" and "comments".




    When you know who loves you the most, you can a create lists of their followers and follow them. The odds that they follow you back highly increases.



    Create followers lists


    Generate a detailled list of your's or someone's else followers/followings data*



    When you are checking your list, you can see all public data* of each account and know who follows you and who don't. Some people follow you, and when you follow them back, they will unfollow you.


    *with business email addresses and phone numbers if the follower has a professionnal account.

    Auto follow


    Follow or unfollow a list of users.


    When you generated a list of somebody's else followers/followings, you can follow all people from the list. Some of them will follow you back.

    Auto like


    Like posts in someone's feed.


    Like the posts in your feed, or in someone's else profile.

    It is useful when you are following a lot of users, and want to make them all happy. Some will like your posts back.

    Find common


    Create a list of the common users between two Instagram accounts.


    Auto block


    Mass block a list of users.



    Auto block


    Mass block a list of users.



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